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Sustainable Macro Economy
Sustainable Macro Economy

• A clear option for a liberal economy, which has resulted in the liberalization of trade and prices;

• A displayed will of the highest authorities of the country, mainly the President of Burkina Faso, to boost investment and growth;

• A growing economy: GDP grew by 5.9% pa on average over the period 2001-2012, with a GDP growth rate of 8% in 2012.

• Inflation in 2012: 2.8%, below the Community limit of 3%;

• A low government debt;

• Existence of good quality economic infrastructure, especially the existence of a good level of international road network, together with an effective system of international transit, making Burkina a crossroad of trade in WAEMU and ECOWAS countries.

• Effective liberalization of the economy and the opening of major sectors to private investors (telecommunications, energy, aviation, mining, banking, insurance etc.);

• Adoption of a policy of almost total openness to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI);

• Strengthening of legal securisation.


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