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Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (Festival panafricain du cinéma et de la television de Ouagadougou)
The FESPACO is forty years old. Since the third edition of FESPACO in 1972, the Stallion of Yennenga is the symbol of supreme consecration of the best cinematographic work of the official selection.

It is symbolized by a warrior with a lance in his hand, sitting on a rearing horse.

This trophy derives its myth from the founder of the Mosse Empire, the ethnic majority of Burkina Faso.

According to legend, King Gambaga had many daughters but no inheritor. Obeying an ancient custom he forbade the marriage of his elder daughter Yennenga. Instead of the role of a wife this young girl had the role of a War Princess and was placed at the head of an army, charged with fighting wars in far off lands. She only grudgingly renounced her right to marry.

During a combat, her horse bolted and carried her far away from her people. It galloped so far that she lost her way and met Rialé, a solitary hunter who helped her.

Yennenga fell in love with him and lived by his side. The great hero Ouedraogo, which means stallion, was born of their union. Ouedraogo was the founder of the Mosse Empire.

The priceless Stallion of Yennenga is the symbol of the identity of African culture, which cineastes through their creations must contribute to immortalize.

The stallion of Yennenga has been awarded to 17 films since 1972. It is endowed with a cash prize of ten million (10 000 000) F CFA, which is approximately 15,251 Euros.

FESPACO provides possibilities for actors and film makers, television and video personalities by presenting them with a platform to exchanges and to promote new talent through it’s structures like:
-African movies international market;
- African film library.

It’s gives also a higher profile for Africa, diversifies media communication and film expressions.
For more detail visit FESPACO web site


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