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Growth Trend

Attractiveness of the economy

The attractiveness of the "Country of the upright people" is the result of its specific historical position at the crossroads between the north and the south of the sudano-sahelian world, between sedentary populations of the savannahs and the nomadic populations of the sahel, between the farmers’ and the pastoralists’ traditions.

This attractiveness is observed in its cultural features which include hospitality, humility, loyalty, politeness, respect, value of common property, hard work, courage in adversity, which all contributed to shape a specific: that of the "country of the upright people". This singularity gives to Burkina a natural suitability to become a competence pole and a place for experiences in the various transactions and economic relations.

The strong attractiveness of the domestic economy is the result of the excellent capacity of the economic actors of the informal sector to integrate the  "local know how" in the processing and recycling of the products.

The fabric of the small and medium sized enterprises gives to the industrial investors a huge network of intermediate processing sectors.

With attractive support mechanisms to the investor, Burkina offers appropriate administrative solutions to investment projects, attractive tax advantages and moderate tax rates (13% GDP compared to 17% in WAEMU).

Domestic public investment represents a more and more growing share in the state budget, and an execution rate of the Public Investment Programme (PIP) of 80% in average every year.

Foreign investors who wish to settle or establish their business in Burkina can be assured to be in the right country, rich of its diversity and religious tolerance and with people living in a tradition of jokes among themselves.

With its 16 million inhabitants, the population of Burkina Faso represents a clear comparative advantage: advantage linked to the population as a critical consumption mass and a pool for manpower; advantage linked to the youth of the population because of the dynamism potential of this factor.

Open to the countries of the sub region with which it shares six borders, Burkina Faso has got a strong "regional identity" strengthened by seasonal mobility of the Burkinabe, the establishment and integration of important foreign communities, its membership in all the regional organizations for regional cooperation, and the political choice of the authorities to promote integration.

Burkina has been able to take advantage of its position as "West African hub" by developing performing logistic functions in the areas of road infrastructures, telecommunications and services…

The development of integration represents a good luck for the enterprise. Aware of these challenges Burkina Faso has considered regional integration one of the guiding principles of its diplomacy.


Despite an international context marked by the economic crisis, economic growth in Burkina Faso emerged relatively high over the period 2008-2012. The reforms undertaken by the Government and the rise in the price of gold following the 2008 world crisis would have fostered this situation.

GDP Resources






Current GDP (in billion FCFA)

3 739,49

3 941,88

4 371,61

4 807,67


Current price (in FCFA)

250 894

256 479

287 801

300 168

329 127,0

GDP in constant FCFA 1999
(in billion FCFA)

3 034,46

3 124,44

3 372,51



GDP/capita-constant price (FCFA)

203 591

203 293

212 801

215 057

225 259

Source: MEF/DGEP, IAP, July 2012 scenario



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